At Garuda, we provide Turnkey Solutions from concept to commissioning for Wind Energy Projects.

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The harnessing of wind energy has provided a solution for a greener environment and creating energy security. The wind energy sector in India has witnessed tremendous growth and reforms over the last few years. The latest technology in this sector is finding its way into the Indian market leading us to believe that today wind power has not only come to stay, but to grow.

Garuda Vaayu Shakthi Limited (GVSL), headquartered in Chennai, India, has stepped into the field of wind energy with a commitment to provide efficient, productive output with foremost focus on after salesservices.

Equipped with the latest superior technology of Wind Energy Generators, enriched sectoral experience, excellent reputation of promoters and a dedicated team, GVSL marks the arrival of clean power generation with quality services.

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The Garuda 700.54 Wind Energy Generator is a variable speed, pitch regulated turbine with gearbox.
Garuda Gearosynch Technology equipped with...


GARUDA has been promoted by professionals from the fields of energy, business development and finance having in-depth knowledge in their related fields.

Garuda Advantages

The Garuda Gearosynch Technology of Wind Turbines is specifically designed for wind zone IEC III A. This technological lead to optimum generation output.