A Brief about Garuda Vaayu Shakthi Limited (GARUDA):

About Garuda

GARUDA, head quartered in Chennai was formed by a renowned Engineering & Finance professionals with a cumulative experience of over 6 decades in technology sourcing, technology development and implementation, setting up of manufacturing facilities and operation, sale of power, concept to commissioning of green field power plants like Wind, Biomass, Hydel etc. and operation of the same, provision of infrastructure facilities, building companies with excellent team with systems and processes, raising of capital and debt, management of multiple investors and banks.

Strength of GARUDA:

GARUDA’s strengths are in the key areas of its business - world class design and engineering capabilities, global supply chain management skills and vast operation & maintenance (Comprehensive) experience. GARUDA has end-to-end design capability from components to wind turbine systems.

GARUDA’s Products:

GARUDA is an integrated wind energy company focused on R&D, Design, Assembly, Marketing, Project Development, Execution & servicing of world class wind electric Generator to cater to the requirements of the global markets. GARUDA has an in-house Research & Development (R&D) Department, registered with Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India as recognition for its design capabilities.

The technology has been developed in assistance with German Consultants, S&G Engineering GmbH. The company owns the IP Rights for all its turbines, including those under prototyping to enable GARUDA to export its turbines around the Globe.

GARUDA has global, aggressive and detailed plans to emerge as a leading and competitive provider of wind energy products and services for the global market. It has developed a 0.7 MW IEC Type Class – III A Wind Turbine with 54 m rotor diameter and 73 m hub height for the Indian and other Global Market. GARUDA’s products are specifically designed for the low & moderate wind regimes with an objective of making investment in the wind energy projects using GARUDAs turbines an economically attractive proposition for its customers.

The different platform strategy devised by GARUDA enables its products to meet the specific requirements of the environments in different parts of the world with maximum adaptability. GARUDA sources the required components from highly reliable and renowned suppliers across the world, with an established track record. To ensure a consistent quality, it has entered into strategic, long-term relationships with these suppliers.

Also, GARUDA is in the process of installing its first prototype wind turbine of 1.7 MW with 84 meter rotor diameter and at 80 meters hub height by end of Feb 2014. GARUDA has again engaged TUV Nord for the design assessment and type Certifications of 1.7 MW model.

The serial production of 700 kW has already commenced.