To become the leading integrated provider of wind energy in the world by continuous upgradation of technology with high profile R & D and process quality improvements for attaining optimum efficiency and maximum value to all stakeholders.

Garuda has been achieving world-class performance in the business of electricity generation, transmission, distribution and sales in India and Global. Building on this foundation, the Company has expanded internationally and has been successful in several overseas ventures. To achieve continuous growth and improvement in our business, the Company has established a vision to strive for:

To excel in the power business in India and Global Markets.


To offer record performance equipped with advanced technological features in the wind energy sector. The emphasis is on complete customer satisfaction by providing time-bound execution of projects and exceptional O & M practices.

GARUDA is firmly committed to perform in coherence for preservation of the environment and betterment of the society.

To realize our vision, we are committed to the following missions to bring benefits to our various stakeholders: the shareholders, the customers, the employees and the community.

• To enhance shareholders value.
• To deliver excellent services and supply reliability.
• To nurture a harmonious, efficient and committed workforce.
• To care for the communities that we serve.
• To contribute to global effort in combating climate change.
• To care for the environment in all our activities.