Garuda Gearosynch Technology

The Garuda Gearosynch Technology - the unique hybrid concept of combining the advantages of gear box and high speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), is leading to optimum generation output. The Garuda wind turbines are state-of-the-art, electrically activated Pitch Regulated, Variable Speed, Full Conversion system with high speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG), designed for IEC Type Class III A wind regime. With features such as LVRT & HVRT, GVSL’s turbines have the capabilities to meet the stringent Indian Grid Code requirements. The overall design concept of the Garuda 700.54 is comparable to modern (2013) turbine design.

The increased Rotor diameterwith advanced blade design would contribute to optimum generation. The technology also has an integrated slow speed shaft that reduces the space constraints in the nacelle by avoiding main bearing and lengthier slow speed shaft.

The Garuda Gearosynch Technology is also equipped with a specialized cooling system that guarantees continuous and efficient operation in extreme climactic conditions - a must for varied topographical specifications across regions.

The Garuda Advantages

• Designed with the assistance of German consultants- S&G Engineering GmbH.
• Garuda owns IP rights for all its wind turbines for Global market.
• Design assessment and Type certified by TUV Nord, Germany, as per IEC standards.
• Designed for low wind regimes (IEC Type Class III A).
• High speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) combined with integrated Gearbox.
• Full power converter with the Advanced Direct Torque Control (DTC) feature minimizes the torque fluctuation caused by dynamic changes in wind speed and absorbs the load variance from gust or turbulence, resulting in improved life time of the turbine and power quality.
• The advanced liquid cooling power converter system protects the power electronics components from harsh climatic condition.
• Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) based yaw system.
• New age advance controller and Full power converter system for Indian grid conditions.
• Cycloidal gear- the advanced Cycloidal gear box for pitch and yaw system withstands momentary, intermittent shock overloads in an extreme emergency situations. The Cycloidal gear box also reduces the thermal loading and the operating noise there by providing greater efficiency.
• Servo Motor- the AC servo motor offers high power density to reach required Torque and Speed needed for safe feathering of blades.
• The converter with inbuilt Low Voltage Ride through (LVRT) and High Voltage Ride through (HVRT) capabilities meets the stringent grid code requirements.