Garuda Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

GARUDA SCADA system developed by DEIF Wind Power Technology offers full remote control and supervision of the entire wind park and the individual wind turbines.

The SCADA system can run on a computer in the control room of the wind park or it can run on any internet-connected computer accessing the wind park using TCP/IP.

Main features of the SCADA system:

• Park overview
• Turbine control
• Turbine overview
• Park control
• Log viewer
• Report generator

Park overview

The park overview of the SCADA system provides a graphical overview of the wind park indicating the status of each individual turbine. Furthermore, current wind and production data are shown.

Park control

The park overview makes it possible to start/stop the entire wind park, clusters of turbines or individual wind turbines. Furthermore, the park control can be used for setting production limits for the wind park.

Turbine overview

The turbine overview of the SCADA system gives a full overview of all relevant parameters of the wind turbine, for instance temperatures, pitch angle, electrical parameters, and rotor speed, yaw system, etc.