Project Management

GARUDA offers project management support across the project lifecycle. We have a team of highly skilled and dynamic personnel combined with practical project management experience and analytical ability to deliver reliable and economic solutions for better ROI.

As specialists in managing all of the interfaces, through all phases of the project,GARUDA's team ensures that the projects in which the company is involved are timely delivered.

GARUDA offers a complete project management service for all aspects of the project in a "All-in One“ approach for their turnkey projects. In this field, GARUDA‘s offering includes,

• Project Management
• Survey Management
• Procurement Management
• Logistics Management
• Construction Management
• Transportation and Installation Management
• Testing and Commissioning Management

GARUDA provide comprehensive project management services to assist our customer to understand the various aspects of the project scope, investment requirements and ROI for upfront decision-making process by conducting detailed Site feasibility study.

A typical Site feasibility includes:

• Initial mapping of site constraints e.g. natural features, special uses, regulatory requirements
• Development of a preliminary layout and calculate capacity of the site
• An initial wind resource (likely to rely on meso-scale wind mapping), energy production & high level financial analysis
• Turbine models, suggested for further consideration at the site
• A grid connection study and design a suitable interconnecting mechanism for power evacuation.
• Wind farm layout design using the state of the art s/w applications
• Design of electrical systems, interfacing methods for grid connection (power evacuation with minimal power loss)
• Operations and maintenance strategy
• Procurement planning (including developing technical specifications)
• Prepare a DPR (detailed project report) covering capital and operating cost budgets

GARUDA offers an End-to-End solution to the customers with optimized project development in mind and timely execution of the project on turnkey basis.

Wind energy projects not only face engineering challenges for the developers. There are pre-requisite approvals which are mandatory from the concerned regualatory authorities for energy project development.

The regulatory approvals can only be granted once a number of environmental related hurdles have been overcome.

The benefit to our customer is harmonious integration of engineering and environment to optimise project development with the shortest possible cycle time to complete the project.