At Garuda, we provide Turnkey Solutions from concept to commissioning for Wind Energy Projects.

Company Profile

Garuda Vaayu Shakthi Limited (GVSL), headquartered in Chennai, India, has stepped into the field of wind energy with a commitment to provide efficient, productive output with foremost focus on after sales services.

Equipped with the latest superior technology of Wind Energy Generators, enriched sectoral experience , excellent reputation of promoters and a dedicated team, GVSL marks the arrival of clean power generation with quality services.

"GVSL is in the process of manufacturing Wind Energy Generators of 700 kW and 1700 kW capacity being certified by international bodies. The first Wind Energy Generator Garuda 700.54 kW has already been commissioned for C-WET "Type Testing". The serial production of these Wind Energy Generators will commence from the year 2012. The Garuda 1700.84 kW Wind Energy Generator will be under trials shortly."

Both the Wind Energy Generators are equipped with the latest and a state of art operational specifications suitable for installation in any part of the world with country specific modifications.

GVSL, to begin with, will be setting up wind farms in Indian states like Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Location of Facilities

GVSL has a manufacturing and assembly facility near Chennai, India, for the assembly of Wind Energy Generators. The choice of location was taken after a thorough study of available resources. The present location was approved considering its proximity to Chennai – The Wind Energy Capital of India and easy availability of skilled manpower ensuring benefits for all the stakeholders.